The Bottlecaps project is an experiment in natural price development and community growth. It’s mixing BTC total supply with Safemoon Tokenomics and adding a multichain synergy effect approach. It’s innitially launching on Binance Smart Chain, but this is just the beginning. Here the roadmap to get a brief look where this project stands right now and where we’re heading:

This project basically starts from nothing with very low market cap and tries to build a community and an multichain token ecosystem. Everyone has the same opportunity on this. Tokens start without presale and only 1m tokens Team shares.

But what is special about the Bottlecaps project?

The trend shows that the future of blockchain technology is not limited to one chain, but consists of a network of blockchains. Each of them with its own ecosystem and members. But the Bottlecaps community is meant to be different. It is meant to be a crypto community that is settled on many different chains. We don’t want to be tied to one token or one chain, but to the community.

There will only ever be one bottlecaps token per blockchain, but we will be on many blockchains. On each blockchain we will start with a very low market cap, but with each new blockchain our market power will grow.

The rules will always remain the same. Liquidity will be burned, 50% of supply will be burned and the total supply will always be 21 million as a reference to our everlasting King Bitcoin.

But there is a long road ahead before we get there, because we are still at the very beginning. Please note, that this is a very low profile project and it can only growth with the help of everyone participating. Whoever is enthusiastic about this vision, please stay and help to make it a reality. Only together we can do it and only together we are strong.

Synergy effects of crypto narratives

Long term we’re betting on something we call the synergy effect, which is often seen when a particular group of altcoins performs strongly. People look for alternatives that have a lower market cap with similar name and tokenomics, that haven’t had a run yet. This is how it happened that after the extreme rise of Dogecoin, many people speculated on a rise of Shiba Inu, or how other safe coins emerged after the sucess of Safemoon. We want to build a massive ecosystem of caps coins where similar synergy effects will be possible.

DeFi ecosystem

What makes DeFi tokens special is that they often start with a low marketcap and build up a user base, incentivizing them to hold the token through smart tokenomics like burn. The risk is extremely high volatility and that you often don’t know who is behind these projects. Often you can become a victim of scammers. Our goal is to take the positive elements of DeFi tokens like tokenomics and couple it to an already existing strong user base, but eliminate the dangers, so to speak, to create a safe environment for DeFi tokens.

Our goal is as well, to list our tokens on as many AMMs as possible and create crosschain pairs with each other to create intrachain and crosschain arbitrage opportunities, that should lead to increased trading volume and will also lead to higher burn and reflection distribution.

But why Bottlecaps?

In the world of the post-apocalyptic Fallout, Bottlecaps became a currency, because people gave them trading value. They are the perfect example of why everything only has the value that society gives it. Also, Fallout is simply the best game universe ever created, it deserves to have a coin.

If you love crypto, if you love Fallout, join our journey, join our community.