Community Marketing Proposal

Dear Community,

I’m happy how far we have already came as a Community Project. We have achieved, that we have turned 500 Dollar locked value into 500,000 Dollar locked value. This is already a great success, but I would like to go much further with you.

Unfortunately, our team only has a fair share of 500,000 Bcaps and we would like to keep it. Until now we’ve paid all expenses for marketing and liquidity out of our own pocket, not counting our immense amount of workload. We love this project and want to go far with it, but we need your help for further marketing.

For this reason I have created a marketing wallet. All amounts received there will be converted 1:1 into marketing. This includes pinned posts, twitter and telegram shiller, AMAs and youtuber fees.

You can send your contribution to this wallet:


If you would like to be more involved and know exactly what we spend our amounts on, join our marketing channel:

Multi-chain and Multi-token NFT Artist and DeFi Launchpad. We bring the greatest NFTs of modern Art on every chain. Frictionless yield farming and NFT staking.

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